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“Mako!” Sanageyama called, looking around for his partner, “Mako, where are you? If you don’t hurry, we’ll be la- What are you doing?”

He found the Banette calmly sitting in front of the guild, oblivious to the world around her. In her felt plush hand was a rock. Just an ordinary rock. Literally nothing about the rock was interesting in the least, but it seemed to take the entire focus of the marionette pokemon.

“Mako?” The Pawniard asked hesitantly, stepping over towards the Banette and poking her cheek, “We’re going to be late. Snap out of it.”

“It’s amazing!” The Banette loudly announced for no reason in particular, causing her pawniard friend to jump back and several passersby to look in their direction.

Sighing, Sanageyama asked, “What is?”

“I can actually hold things!” Mako announced, jumping up cheerfully and smiling widely, “I have arms! I can point! I can wave! I can pick things up! I can open doors!”

“But you can go through doors-”

“I can hold onto things! I can wear my vest without it falling off! I can hug people!”

“Can I have a hug?” Sanageyama hopefully interjected, albeit under his breath.

“Did you say something  Sangey?”  Mako asked, suddenly snapped out of her rant. Sanageyama coughed.

“We’re going to be late.” Suddenly Mako’s eyes widened.

“Oh crap! I forgot!” The marionette suddenly grabbed her partner’s arm and began running, “Come on Sang! We gotta go!”

And with that Team Safe Enterprise was on it’s way to its first dungeon exploration mission.


The golden and oddly ornate door creaked open. A rather loud and high pitched squeal came from behind it.

“I’m sorry,” Mako said, entering the first room of the dungeon with Sanageyama, “I can’t help it, it’s so cool!”

“Just, hush, alright, we don’t know what’s in here.” Sanageyama muttered, rubbing his temple to get over the sound of Mako squealing.

“Aw come on, can’t we have fun?” Mako begged, frowning.

“Yes, we can, but my idea of fun doesn’t involve getting caught by whatever’s in this room.” The Pawniard muttered as an explanation. The room in question was rather dank and humid. Moss grew up the purple limestone-esque walls, puddles littered the floor of the room, sometimes stretching across the entire width of the crevice. The only readily available light emanated from the now opened door as well as the occasional glowing stone embedded in the ceiling. It smelled like fish.

“It’s so dark and depressing.” Mako muttered, looking around the room as she walked through it.

“I know, it’s so much better than the guild.” Sanageyama muttered, eliciting a giggle from the Banette, “I wasn’t joking…?-”

Their short conversation was interrupted however, by the sound of flesh hitting the ground over and over again.

“You hear that too?” The Pawniard asked, his claw already sheathed in an aura of darkness, prepped and ready to use a night slash attack.

“I can’t see what it is though…” Mako muttered. After thinking for a second, she announced, “I got an idea.”

Quickly, the marionette pokemon reached up and grabbed the zipper for her mouth. Opening her mouth quickly, a single will-o-wisp blue flame flew from her mouth towards the sound.

Flapping around on the floor in front of the two pokemon was none other than…

A Barboach.

Sanageyama stared at the opponent with what could only be described with contempt and disappointment, as if he felt he deserved better. Mako, however, had her own approach.

“Aw! It’s so cute and useless! I want ten!” The Banette yelled, running towards the fish pokemon.

“Don’t come any closer!” The Barboach yelled. Upon closer inspection, it actually was wearing a bucket for a helmet.

“This is so not worth my time…” Sanageyama muttered.

“You see, you’re not dealing with the average Barboach,” The fish out of water began, “You see - I have grown above and beyond the limitations of an ordinary Barboach. I, Captain Seabiskut, have become a super Barboach!”

“I don’t think I like you that much…” Mako muttered, walking away and heading towards the next room.

“W-What! Come back here and face me you cowar-” The Barboach captain began before being cut off by Sanageyama stepping onto him and over him to follow his team leader, who was presently waiting for him in front of a locked door.

“Hang on, I got this.” The Pawniard began, kneeling on front of the lock. Using his claw as a pick, he began to try to open it himself-

The door opened, with Mako on the other side, strangely holding onto what appeared to be a drumstick.

“Or you can just open it from the other side…” Sanageyama muttered, standing up, “Good job… Where’d you get the fleshcap?”

“Found it.” Mako smiled, about to take a bite out of it.

“Hey!” A voice yelled from further in the cave. Suddenly, the rather bulbous form of a Barboach rolled out in front of them, “You’re not supposed to be her- Is that a fleshcap?”

“Sure is!” Mako announced, about to take the bite again.

“We’ll give it to you if you just leave us alone.” Sanageyama interjected, grabbing the drumstick-esque thing from Mako’s hand.

“Deal!” The Barboach announced as Sanageyama chucked the flesh at him. The large fish instantly began to eat.

“My fleshcap!” Mako cried.

“Mako, you found that on the floor. Come on, there’s got to be something better in here.” Sanageyama sighed, dragging the dejected Mako towards an unlocked wooden door. Unbeknownst to the two, the Gluttonous Barboach had rolled away, unintentionally tripping onto the pressure plate for the rooms only trap. Instantly, several tons of rocks fell from the ceiling and onto the Barboach. Sighing, the Barboach did all he could think to do, and began to eat once again.
The next room was almost the exact same aesthetically, aside from the two locked doors on the west wall and the wall in front of them. Mako picked up a spool of thread with rocks in it.

“I- Why?” Sanageyama asked, curious as to why there was now a rock in their bag.

“I like it.” Mako explained, smiling cutely.

“I- Fine.” And thus they continued west, using the same trick to get through the door. Inside that room they found, another spoolstone. Sighing once again, Sanageyama turned around to head through the door, only to step on the pressure plate of one of the dungeon’s traps.

“Crap!” Sanageyama announced, preparing for the attack with an Iron Defence. To his shock though, he felt nothing, but audibly heard several popping sounds. Looking around, he realized that he was being hit by a bubble attack.

“Bubbles…?” The Pawniard muttered, becoming disinterested again.

“Bubbles!” Mako yelled running into the stream of circular objects and popping as many as possible.


The duo continued to head through the dungeon, this time heading back into the previous room, and going through the other locked door. It looked like the rest of the dungeon: wet and dank. While Mako was off towards the front of the room, chasing another spoolstone, Sanageyama continued forward.

“Halt!” A voice echoed from the room.

“Finally, some action.” Sanageyama muttered, smirking. Even if it was another Barboach, at least it would be more fun than popping bubbles.

“You fools, you’ve fallen straight into the trap!” The Barboach announced. Suddenly, Sanageyama noticed that he was standing on the pressure plate of a trap. Rocks, pointed and deadly, began to hail down on the figure. Reacting as quickly as possible, Sanageyama prepared another Iron Defence. He felt the rocks hit against his body hard, and he could feel himself begin to weaken. But just as quickly as the hailing began, it stopped.

“Oh. Oh crap.” The Barboach muttered flopping forward, “No matter. You’ve messed up now. You see, you’re not dealing with an ordinary Barboach.”

Sanageyama’s look turned from rage to confusion.

“I feel like I’ve been down this road before, have we been through this before?” He muttered in confusion.”

“You see, I’m now above the limitations of an ordinary Barboach. I, Captain Hook, have become a super Barboach!” The Barboach captain announced.

“Yup, I’ve heard this before.” Sanageyama sighed, walking forward towards the door on the opposite end of the room.

“H-Hey! Come on! What is it because I’m a fish?!”

“Yes! Come on Mako, we’re clearing another room!” Sanageyama yelled to his Banette teammate, who followed obediently.

“Coming Sangey~!” Mako yelled, spoolstone in hand. She ran towards her Pawniard partner, unintentionally running over the Barboach captain, and knocking him out.
Using the door opening technique once again, the duo entered the final room in this stretch of the dungeon. Immediately, Mako picked up what appeared to be a root of some kind.

“Mako, why do you keep finding these odd things- Is that a meatroot?” Sanageyama asked, suddenly noticing that this cave had a rather large amount of food lying around.

“I guess so…?” Mako asked, “What’s a meatroot?”

“It’s a root that tastes like meat.” Sanageyama explained. He had fond memories of eating them.

“Right. Well, bags full, so…” Mako muttered, chucking the meatroot away. Miraculously, the root flew through the air, and landed with an audible click upon a pressure plate. Instantly, the plate lit on fire in an ember attack. The root began to sizzle as if it was being cooked.

“How did you…?” The Pawniard began to ask, but stopped as he noticed another Glutinous Barboach roll over to the plate, patiently waiting for the meatroot to cease cooking.

“Nevermind, come on, we’ve just got one more room, I hope.” Sanageyama muttered, walking away from the room.

“Kay~.” Mako hummed, following him.

Together the two went south down to the southernmost room in the dungeon, failing to notice the new pile of rocks that had fallen onto their other glutinous friend. Finally they reached the southernmost room of the dungeon.

“Finally.” Sanageyama muttered.

“Not so fast!” A voice announced. Another Captain Barboach flopped out of the shadows.

“Aw, he’s wearing another helmet.”

“You fools have had the unfortunate luck of meeting me. And you see, I am no mere Barboach Captain-” The fish began.

“Oh my god…” Sanageyama growled, now seething with rage.

“I, Captain Fsh, have become a super Barboach!” The captain finished.

“Mako, knock him out.” Sanageyama ordered, “If I do it, I will be arrested for murder.”

“Kay!” Mako smiled, stepping forward.

A click sounded from under the ghost pokemon’s feet. The world seemed to move in slow motion for the next few seconds.

Rocks began to fall from the ceiling of the dungeon. Mako, unable to process it, stood in place and began to see the rocks fall. Sanageyama, acting quickly, pushed his partner away from the falling rocks. With barely enough time to pull up his Iron Defence, Sanageyama was buried in the rocks.

Mako finally got a hold of herself just in time to hear the final rocks falling. Standing up quickly, she turned and saw the pile. Her usually smiling face turned into a massive frown.

“Sang!” Mako yelled, running over to the pile and trying to pull some rocks out from it.

“Th- That actually worked?” The Barboach asked himself, “Holy crap! It actually worked! I’m getting a promotion for sure!”

“Y-You…” Mako muttered, slowly standing up and turning. Her face of sadness had contorted into one of rage, which was rather unsurprising given the circumstance.

“I WILL BREAK YOU!” Mako yelled, charging two Shadow Balls her hands.

“Well that’s going to suck-” The Barboach muttered as the Banette launched the attack, both of the balls instantly hitting and knocking the small fish out. Collapsing to her knees, the Banette leaned against the pile of rocks.

Suddenly, a rock fell off the top of the pile, then another, and another. Mako could faintly hear the sound of someone speaking, or cursing rather, growing louder and louder.

“And I swear that once I get out of this thing I will rip that things spine from it’s body!” Sanageyama yelled, slashing through the final rock on the top of the pile with a powerful, and angry, Metal Claw.

“Oh… I see you took care of him… Good job.” Sanageyama coughed, "We should probably get out of here now…"

Mako looked up and, upon comprehending the idea that her friend was alive, immediately jumped and cheered.

“What-?” Sanageyama began to ask before being violently tackled and hugged by the Banette.

“You’re alive!” Mako cheered, hugging her friend tightly. Sanageyama, suddenly comprehending who he was being hugged by, blushed lightly.

“C-come on, let’s get out of here.” Sanageyama muttered.

And thus, they left.
Team Safe Enterprise Dungeon #1 - Basalt Halls

Well, I just wasted a day writing this only for it to be late.
Oh well. :iconmiddlefingerplz:

Hope that at least one person gets the reference with the Barboach Captains. And if not, again, oh well.

Pokemon (C) Nintendo

Team App:
Secret Base by JurassicRaptor
Secret Base
Shh... Don't tell anyone- it's a secret.

Pokemon Omega Ruby (c) Nintendo
“Can you match my resolve? If so, then you will succeed.”
                                                                 -Monty Oum

The city streets of Vale were quiet, most residents had already turned in, for it was long past the midnight hour.

Yet not all heeded the warning of the bells that rang once, twice, three times. A simple gang of four people wandered the streets, in their lead was a rather good looking man with a dashing jacket and almost stereotypically perfect bowler cap. He walked with a cane as he was followed by men dressed in similar black outfits with guns attached to their hips. They seemed to be looking for trouble. As they began to walk past a random, everyday man, the man suddenly tripped, only to be caught with the crook of the lead criminal’s cane. The following men pulled out their weapons and armed them, aiming them at the incapacitated man.

“Alright, give me all the lien you have, and we can just walk away from this,” The man threateningly whispered, “Otherwise, my friends here will finally get to fire their guns.”

The man motioned to the men that were previously following him, only to notice they had all disappeared.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.” The man muttered as he returned his gaze to the man he was currently mugging, only to realize he had disappeared as well.

“Well, well, well,” A new voice announced, rough and manly, “Notorious criminal Roman Torchwick.”

“This just really isn’t my day is it?” Roman asked, turning to face the voice. The voice belonged to a huge, muscular man in armor with what appeared to be a large rapier in his hands.

“Yes! ‘Tis I, Arthur Noble! I’m here to stop your reign of evil!” The muscular man announced, pointing his rapier at the thief. He began to charge at Roman, gaining speed with every step.

And then he woke up.


His alarm clock repeatedly rang, a desperate attempt to wake him.

Groaning, Arthur slowly rose up from his bed. He was a almost scrawny sort of person. He got out of his bed and stretched. The kid had muscles, that was for sure, but to describe him as anything other than a toothpick of sorts was a stretch. A sturdy toothpick was actually possibly the best description for him.

Groggily, Arthur finally managed to put his shirt on, followed by a rather heavy looking set of almost purplish armor, before strapping onto his back the extremely long rapier, it’s blade seeming to be a solid, shimmering purple, from his dream, though it seemed to almost condense as he placed it into the holster on his back. Yawning, he walked down from his room into his kitchen. There he noticed a note.

Sighing, Arthur walked up to the note, and read it.

“Dear Arthur,” Arthur read aloud, “Your father and I had to go into work early. Sorry we couldn’t be there when you read the great news. Also, we’ve left some lien on the counter, pick up some fire dust for dinner, nothing cooks more evenly than fire dust. Love, mom.”

Confused, the boy set the note back down onto the counter - only to see a rather official looking letter sitting next to where the note was. Suddenly excited, he grabbed the letter and tore it open, reading the contents of the paper inside.

Suddenly Arthur burst into a cheer, nearly jumping in the air from excitement. Looking at a nearby clock, he suddenly realized he had been sleeping for well longer than he should have. Without another word he ran out of the house, the letter leaving his hands and landing face up onto the note, the only word visible being “accepted”.


He had been shopping in the dust store for well over ten minutes, and this annoyed him. Arthur nervously tapped his foot as the five people in front of him seemed to be the sort of consumers who had no clue what they were doing.

The sign above the desk read “one person at a time,” but apparently these morons couldn’t read.

These slow moments angered him, they were tedious beyond anything he could ever experience, and yet they seemed to follow him incessantly. That was perhaps the biggest issue with his powers. To him, everything has to be quick. When it isn’t, it’s just an annoyance.

Oh well, at least the people ahead of him were leaving… Rather quickly as well… all together… at once…

Shrugging it off, he walked up to the, visibly shaking, man at the counter. He placed the purified dust stone on the counter.

After a few seconds of awkward silence, Arthur finally connected the dots.

“Those were robbers weren’t they?” He asked, finally getting the picture. The man, still shaking from the experience nodded.

Arthur sighed.

“Mind wrapping that up for me, I’ll be right back.” He muttered, turning away and pulling the rapier out from its holster.

In what seemed like a second, he was out of the store, running down the street. He was quick-  quicker than most could perceive him. The world around him seemed to slow. Voices became deeper as they were slowed, yet Arthur was only walking at a brisk pace.

Within seconds, he had caught up to the thieves from the store.

There were five of them, each armed with a small amount of money and dust as well as what appeared to be makeshift weapons: bats, knives, sticks - military personnel, these men were not.
Arthur stopped in front of them, holding his rapier out to the side as if he had been practicing his dramatic entrance.

“Wha- Where did he come from?” One of the men asked, jumping back from the kid’s sudden appearance.

“Boss, that’s the kid from the store. How’d he get here so quickly?” Another man asked.

“Who cares. Probably took a cab.” The person in front, the leader announced.

“Yeah, the point is, no witnesses.” A fourth man announced as he and another man charged at Arthur. One swung downwards at him with a baseball bat, only to suddenly miss his target and go faceplant onto the ground. The other attempted to stab at him with a knife. Before the blade could impact Arthur, however, the kid seemed to disappear and reappear behind the man, kicking him and effectively taking him out. Arthur turned to the remaining thieves.

“Wow you guys… really aren’t that good.” Arthur mused, smirking.

“Wha-? How-? Take care of him!” The leader commanded. The other two lackeys obediently followed.

Both men attempted to swing at Arthur with their bats. One came from the left swinging right handed, the other came from the right swinging left handed, they were attempting to hit him in the middle. Smirking, Arthur noted as the two thugs seemed to slow down in time. He calmly walked out of the range of the two’s bats and, using a finger, altered their trajectory so that one would careen into the head of the other, while the other would careen into the opposite man’s side.

Time seemed to resolve itself as Arthur’s plan was set in motion, the two men’s weapons collided, taking them both out of commission. Arthur turned around to face the leader, who had pulled out a gun. The thief timidly aimed at Arthur.

“Stand back or I’ll shoot!” He yelled.

“Love to see you try.” Arthur teased, smirking. The thief growled and shot off several shots. Time seemed to slow once more, as the bullets seemed to begin to move at a snail’s pace, though they were mere inches from Arthur. The boy smirked once again however as the bullets approached him. Slowly, one by one, he leaned out of the way of the oncoming projectiles. Time sped up once more, and the thief stared at Arthur incredulously. Arthur smirked and stepped forward.

“Boo.” The boy stated. The thief instantly dropped everything in his hands and began to run. “Now that’s more like it.” Arthur smiled, taking a step forward only to trip on one of the bats the thieves used.

He met the concrete ground with a hard smack, and a harsher groan of pain.

Clumsy. Clumsy was another word that could accurately describe Arthur Noble.
(ARMR) Amethyst Trailer
To be honest, didn't think I'd ever get around to these. Sometimes a tremendous kick in the head is the best way to get the ball rolling.

Godspeed Monty, godspeed.

Roman Torchwick, Vale, RWBY (C) RoosterTeeth and :iconmontyoum: (God bless you)
Quote (C) :iconmontyoum:
Probably should've expected this when I made the previous journal.

I am fine. There have been some complications, however.

Long story short, so far for my family, 2015 has been a massive headache.

Early in January, the father of a great friend of my mom's died after a massive heart attack. I knew him pretty well, so that didn't go over too well, but at ninety-years old, the man sure didn't live a short life.

Then later in January, my family was hit by the news that my aunt had developed two kinds of cancer. She's highly treatable, and the doctors have a good outlook for her from what I can gather, but still that was pretty much a cannonball to the face when we first heard it.

So yeah. I'm fine. My family is doing as fine as we can be.

And that's about it.
2015 has started off with some of the worst news possible.

For those of you who were unable to receive the news/have had no way of following the news, animator, RWBY creator, and all around great guy Monty Oum was hospitalized a little over a week ago. 

Yesterday, February 1st, at 4:34 PM, Monty passed away at the age of 33.

Matt's jounral announcing the death: (x)

Our friend, inspiration and co-worker Monty Oum passed away yesterday afternoon at 4:34 PM surrounded by people who loved him very much. Ten days ago Monty suffered a severe allergic reaction during a simple medical procedure that left him in a coma. Although he fought bravely, his body was not able to recover. During his time in the hospital he was well cared for and never in pain at any time.

Monty is survived by his wife Sheena, his father Mony, his brothers Woody, Sey, Chivy and Neat, and his sisters Thea and Theary, as well as a countless number of fans and friends. We were so proud to be a part of his life and we will miss him greatly.

Your generosity during the hours after the public statement on Friday will help his family deal with the costs of his care and his passing. You made an incredible difference during a difficult time and we cannot thank you enough.

As for honoring Monty, we will do that in our own way. In lieu of flowers or gifts, we ask that you simply do something creative. Use your imagination to make the world a better place in any way that you can. If you know Monty like we do, then you know he would certainly be doing that if he were able to.

Monty was 33 years old.

We love you, Monty.


This comes on top of some already troubling news from my family and family friends.

But there's a better time to talk about those.

I first began watching Red vs. Blue in the summer of 2010. I started watching because one of the first things I saw within the season was the cgi fight between Meta and the cast. That single fight both launched my love for the series and basically opened up the world of Rooster Teeth for me. From there, that love inspired me to begin writing my pokemon stuff, as odd as it may sound.

Because of this one not even thirty minute fight scene, animated by Monty, I began writing and met by far some of the greatest friends in my life.

In spite of never truly meeting him, I have nothing but great things to say. And though he will never know, he was one of my biggest influences. From now on, one of the biggest regrets is that now I will never have the chance to meet him and personally thank him for everything he has done.

I don't have that much more to say, there isn't that much more to say aside from the fact that I wish to offer my greatest sympathies to the friends and family of Monty and to say God bless him, for he was a fantastic person, more so than even he possibly knew.

"Guys... Life... it's pretty awesome. Just keep at it. And I'll keep going too." - Monty Oum
Probably should've expected this when I made the previous journal.

I am fine. There have been some complications, however.

Long story short, so far for my family, 2015 has been a massive headache.

Early in January, the father of a great friend of my mom's died after a massive heart attack. I knew him pretty well, so that didn't go over too well, but at ninety-years old, the man sure didn't live a short life.

Then later in January, my family was hit by the news that my aunt had developed two kinds of cancer. She's highly treatable, and the doctors have a good outlook for her from what I can gather, but still that was pretty much a cannonball to the face when we first heard it.

So yeah. I'm fine. My family is doing as fine as we can be.

And that's about it.


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