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Silence is a true friend who never betrays."


"Rakkaus you've gotta help me, they're going to kick me in so many places that I'll be tenderized!" Malato pleaded with his pelt-wearing friend. They were still at the club.

Malato had managed to anger every single thug at the club. It was rather impressive actually, seeing the dozens of red-tied thugs painstakingly searching the club with axes, clubs, submachine guns, and anything else that could be considered a weapon.

Leading the charge was an extremely large man clad in a black vest, red tie, and red sunglasses with something that looked like a rocket launcher. Following him were the twin girls that Malato had seemed to anger the most. The one in white for being rude, the one in red for flirting with her, despite being chased by her twin. They're twins, how could Malato not see that? They wear matching makeup and share eye color for Vale's sake.

Rakkaus simply watched the thugs search the club, occasionally taking a sip from a drink of some kind.

"So come on, are you going to help me?" Malato begged, "I'm you're best friend, please you've gotta help! They're going to kill me!"

"There he is!" One of the thugs yelled, running over to the duo, causing Malato to duck behind Rakkaus with a yelp, "He's behind the bear guy!"

This, however, caused Rakkaus to stand, extremely angered. Their muscles seemed to amplify in the club lights as they walked.

"Wow..." The same thug muttered, slowly stepping back as Rakkaus walked towards him, "He's really strong... Did it get kinda cold in here...?"

"You! Freeze!" Another thug with an axe yelled, running over to the aid of his comrade.

"Rakkaus was thinking the same thing..." Rakkaus announced quietly, in that threatening sort of tone that makes even a quiet whisper boom in the surrounding room.

The pelt-wearing Rakkaus pulled a long metal rod out from under their cape like pelt. On the top of the rod were six holes, three on either side, with the top removed revealing the rod to be hollow.

The temperature of the entire room seemed to drop. Water that was once being poured seemed to slow and stop, literally frozen.

The two thugs looked at each other worriedly.

Rakkaus spun the rod around once, as a jet of water extended from six of the holes, only to be frozen instantly into a crescent scythe of ice. Rakkaus, now armed with their scythe, glared at the two thugs.

Rakkaus then began to slowly walk towards the two, dragging the scythe behind.

The two thugs backed up further, running into a group of their fellow thugs. There were at least ten, maybe twelve. Yet none of them seemed to be exactly prepared to take on Rakkaus.

Suddenly, the pelt-wearer charged at the group, managing to cut through at least five of them, knocking them over and out. Rakkaus then spun the rod again, creating a jet of water from the other side, which instantly froze to turn the scythe into an axe of ice.

Rakkaus slammed the axe into the ground, shattering the tile underneath the axe.

"Rakkaus wishes to dance..." The pelt-wearer announced, once again, intimidating enough to make most of the thugs cower a bit.

"That's enough!" The man in the vest and tie yelled, cutting through the line of remaining thugs, "Gotta do everything myself here..."

"Rakkaus has to fight you? Is this joke?" Rakkaus asked, leaning on the axe.

"What even are you?" Junior asked, aiming his rocket launcher at the pelt-wearing warrior.

"Rakkaus is your worst nightmare."

With that Junior fired off his rockets, five in total. Rakkaus reacted quickly, bringing the axe up and releasing more water from the open top, dousing the rockets. Immediately the water froze, causing the rockets to crash into the ground, exploding upon contact. Rakkaus charged through the smoke from the rockets, and slashed at Junior, cutting straight through the rocket launcher, then came another slash at the man, and another, and another, before Rakkaus finally turned the axe to the side, and smacked Junior with the rod and the sides of the blades, launching the club owner away. After that he was presumably unconscious.

"Anyone else wish to face Rakkaus?" The pelt-wearer asked the remaining thugs. Unbeknownst to Rakkaus, however, Malato had walked over and now presently stood next to the triumphant pelt-wearer.

"Yeah! That's what you get when you mess with us!" Malato announced, going for a high-five with Rakkaus, who just glared angrily at him.

"Just take him." Melanie Malachite sighed.

"It's not worth it." Miltiades Malachite muttered.

They're one hell of a team. If one can call them that.
(ARMR) Rythym Trailer
This part is a little short, but I think it gets the job done.

I like bears.

Featuring the first actual RWBY characters I've used

Quote (C) Confucius
RWBY, Junior, Malachite twins (C) RoosterTeeth LLC
Well today I saw the 4th worst Jurassic Park movie.

It may be rated better than the two other sequels, but at least the other two had a plot. They weren't great by any stretch of the means, but at least it was something. Here I couldn't care less for any of the characters that I actually forgot the names of the two main protagonists - the kids.

It's sad when people look at a movie that could be something great, and instead settle for when a movie just says fuck it and throws everything into a blender.

The movie has no suspense or terror. Instead these two emotions are replaced by stupidity as every single person who runs the park appears to have had a lobotomy.

"Giant dinosaur that has killed over fifty people and animals? Let's use non-lethal weapons!"
"Several people died in the last attempt to build this park? Let's add more danger!"
"Raptors? More like the next model of drones for war!"

This movie is what would happen if someone tried to remake Jurassic Park but failed to see everything but the dinosaurs, ironically. The characters are weak as hell, and the plot is nonsensical and a downright failure.

Perhaps the best word I've seen used to describe this movie is "Unnecessary." If this movie hadn't been made, nothing would be lost as it very blatantly has nothing else to add.

And I get it. Nothing can live up to the original Jurassic Park. It's nostalgia, effects, and characters combine in a way to make it an unforgettable classic even with it's mistakes. But to say that this movie is good just because it understands that it can't beat the original and doesn't try to is illogical. If you can't beat a movie, still try to. Don't just throw up your hands and yell "DO WHATEVER" because you've seen the farthest you can go, try to go further. Sure you've hit a wall, but at least reaching that wall deserves credit as nobody else has done it since the first Jurassic Park.

The movie does have some good parts, and that's the biggest shame. I see potential in it, but when I see the movie as a whole, I see Jurassic Park-lite for people who may never have seen the original. Bring on the Raptors. Bring on Chris Pratt. Bring on Dinosaur fights. But please for the love of all that is holy, bring on a plot as well. 

I'll write a full spoiler review later.
Hopefully the next twenty movies are better.
What? You thought they'd stop at this? No fucking way, they're earning big money, and they'll beat that dead Brachiosaur until it's gigantic ass stomach stops bleeding money.

Don't see this movie if you actually give a shit about story.
See this movie if you want five seconds of happiness at the end.


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